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The Iceberg Model of Christian Spiritual Formation™ 

Integrating and recovering your body, mind, and spirit to the glory of God


Learn how to become more like Christ in the privacy of your home by telephone or online device.  Join Rob Jackson for weekly support. 


Coaching for Life, Relationships, and Recovery


Become more like Christ as you learn how to integrate your body, mind, and spirit in harmony with the Bible, the Holy Spirit, and in community with other Christians. 


Discover the hidden drivers beneath your unwanted behaviors, and how to heal your hurts, habits, and hangups


Find the inspiration, education, and community that is life-changing.  Learn to enjoy God, and become more Christ-like. 

More Than a Metaphor

The Iceberg Model of Christian Coaching™ comes from Rob Jackson’s personal and professional experience of applying Romans 7:15-8:13 in the counseling office. This nine-step model walks you through self-examination, union with God through Christ, and ongoing sanctification by the Holy Spirit. Behaviors tend to get all of the attention, because they are visible, but scripture tells us God looks at the heart. Everything you feel, think and do comes out of that inner man. The Iceberg teaches you to trace the origins of your behaviors, thoughts, and emotions, deep in your spirit. This method is easy to grasp and offers an uncommon depth of insight to Christian spiritual formation.

The Iceberg Model of Christian Coaching™ 

Join this live, weekly teleclass and/or webinar and gain online access to archived recordings. Take part weekly in live Q&A sessions. Ground your spiritual formation and recovery with these nine modules specific to The Iceberg Model of Christian Spiritual Formation™. You'll also have additional support modules included in your membership. 

MODULE 1: Preparing the Heart
Rob's story of faith and recovery 
Overview of Christian Spiritual Formation
Hearts 1a, 1b, 2a, and 2b

MODULE 2: Overview of the Iceberg
Best practices
2 dimensions 
3 primary goals
3 movements
2 natures 
9 steps
1 life

MODULE 3: Self-Examination

Self-defeating Behaviors
Distorted Thoughts
Damaged Emotions
Divided Desires

MODULE 4: Consecration
Responding to the Comforter
Romans 7:15-8:13 study

MODULE 5: Abiding in Christ
Desiring the Practice of His Presence
Healing Damaged Emotions
Renewing Distorted Thoughts
Cultivating Godly Behaviors

MODULE 6: The Three As
Living in a Community of Accountability 
Making Amends
Relating as God's Ambassador

MODULE 7: Integrated Living
Finding the Type of Help You Need
Becoming Stable, Mature, and More like Christ

MODULE 8: Including Your Local Church
Overcoming the Stigma
Know Your Limits
Coping with Pushback
Flexibly Faithful

MODULE 9: Serving Others
Knowing When Your Ready
Coping with Burnout
Troubleshooting Tough Situations

Integrated Discipleship + Recovery

“I know of no current denomination or local congregation that has a concrete plan and practice for teaching people to do ‘all things whatsoever I have commanded you.’ Very few even regard this as something we should actually try to do, and many think it to be simply impossible”

Dallas Willard - The Great Omission


Are you maturing in both faith and practice? 

Based on studies conducted by The Barna Group, and observations raised by notable authors like Dallas Willard, we can conclude that most Christians don't really know how to live the abundant life procured and promised by Jesus Christ. 

Many Christians live "miserably victorious" lives through cultural traditions, religious legalism, and moralism. Privately they are often puzzled by their inevitable failures to "practice what they preach."

Other Christians maximize grace while minimizing God's law. They often appear more tolerant and loving to overs, but they aren't looking more like Christ overall.  

And many Christians know the humiliating pain of "hurts, habits, and hangups." 

Whatever the case,  will you Join our safe community? Let's become more like Christ together. 

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