Testimonies from Clients – Names withheld in accordance with client confidentiality

We were so impressed with Rob and his balance of Biblical truth and compassion for us. I, as the wife of a sex addict, felt completely cared for and ministered to throughout the week.


You were the first counselor I found online that really put “Bible” over “psychology” without avoiding psychology.

Everything was really good and I am continuing to process through the week of counseling. It’s difficult to rate all of the above as I have not been in counseling before and therefore have nothing to compare things to. I would just say that we were very well taken care of, we were taught well, we were confronted wisely, and we were shown concern and love. We appreciate very much all that was done for us.

I’m sorry for just now writing to thank you for the time you spent with us in June. It was all very much an eye-opener. God has certainly blessed you and the call for what you are doing – integrating psychology and theology; its this that makes you so unique. As you know, it can’t truly work any other way. In the times we are living in – you are truly a Crusader for the GOOD.”Many are called but few are chosen,” I definitely see you as the latter!

I called the counselor at Focus on the Family, and she recommended you to us for sex addiction issues. I then was able to go to your website to listen to the video and read more. After giving this info to our local counselor, checking out other counselors and much prayer we decided that this was the direction that God was sending us.


Dear Rob,

I have been meaning to write you a real paper and ink thank you since our intensive.  I obviously have not found the time to do that, but I hope you will accept this sincere thank you ” email”.  Specifically, and most recently, thank you for speaking with both Barry and I this week.  I greatly appreciate your opinion and expertise and your words of encouragement to trust my instincts on these matters was greatly needed.
I know you are busy so I will try to express my gratitude and praise briefly.  I read on your web site a letter from a grateful wife and I echo every word she wrote.  I truly believe in what you are doing and I thank God that he lead us to you.  I believe you have helped us better than any other avenue we could have chosen.  I have a strong  desire for you to even share this letter with your wife so she too,  will know how God is using you to start the healing process for couples like Barry and I.  I could go on and on about my experience with you during our intensive.  I so appreciate how you shared your own recovery stories when appropriate.  I believe that is probably very unprecedented with most therapist, but I can say it was a very positive thing for us.  I continue daily to quote pearls of wisdom you repeated to us each day.  I appreciate how you gently handled your observation concerning my codependency.  Now that I am working on my own issues, and doing lots of reading concerning this, I see how much even my response to the ” diagnosis” was so textbook.  I greatly appreciate your book recommendations and all the “tools” you left us with.  If willing, you have given us a life time worth of recovery work to do.  I appreciate you’re ability to be gentle when needed, firm when appropriate, and encouraging and hopeful in the end. 
Rob, thank you for your ministry and your heart for God.  May he bless you and those around you.

Name withheld in accordance with client confidentiality

To Whom It May Concern:

Two weeks ago I found out my husband is a sex addict.  I was devastated and felt as if my whole world was falling down around me. . . Rob was so encouraging and willing to do whatever it took to help us.  He definitely went the extra mile to accommodate us as soon as possible – which happened to be [the following Monday] . . .God used Rob  to minister to us in a special way.

During our week… we learned a lot about who we are, our families of origin, and many things that fed into this addiction.  Both of us were able to realize things and work on our own issues in order to overcome the sex addiction.  It was very difficult to find Christian organizations that special in sex addiction.  I was very relieved, grateful, and even surprised when I heard about your ministry.  It helped us so much to understand more about addictions and to learn that we are certainly not the only ones going through this.  Rob was very knowledgeable about this area, and it was such a help to us to learn how to deal with all the things we are going through. 

Our lives have been changed because of your ministry.  Thank you so much for providing it and continuing to do so much research in this area.  May God richly bless you for all the work you are doing for His children! 

Grace and Peace,


The setting was very comfortable. I felt at ease with sharing my concerns without feeling ashamed.


After some research and talking personally with Rob, our pastor recommended that we come to you. He trusted Focus on the Family and felt that Rob was the best of the best. We trust our pastor immensely and after looking at the website online, we were convinced that this was the right place to go.


all the advice and discussions were based on scripture; every session started and ended with prayer

We haven’t had a lot of experience with counseling, but we knew that we needed an extended time of concentrated counseling. It also needed to be in a place other than where we live. Colorado Springs was a beautiful place to come to even though we had to deal with some really ugly stuff. The amount of time each day was perfect and felt very healthy and balanced.

I loved the nature of the intensive and all that you can cover in that time. Aldo, Rob helped me to understand the connection between counseling and our relationship to Christ and the Holy Spirit in our lives.

Five days of 4 hour per day intensive counseling. I believe that is pretty unique and very productive.


We are thrilled with the whole experience. I am amazed at the amount of followup we get with no additional cost to us. I was so impressed by the fact that Rob looked at my husband before we left and said that he would be “honored” to pray for him after we got back home. It was compassionate and really above and beyond.


My week was incredible. I am excited to call-in on Thursday evenings.


Thanks for all that you have done for us. Now the work is up to us. We have lots of hard decisions to make, and we appreciate the continued support and education that you provide. Thanks for being there, it is a comfort to have someone to turn to if we need.


I don’t think that all counselors put as much of themselves into their counseling as Rob. I felt that he truly knows the meaning of compassionate listening.


My experience was outstanding. I did not want to leave on Friday

Endorsements from Pastors and Therapists

“I have known Rob Jackson for many years as a counselor and servant in ministry. He is a man of great integrity and professional skill. His goal is always to help his clients reach their potential in Christ. Rob is a strong combination of grace and truth as he serves others with compassion and skill. I recommend him without reservation.

Rick Schatz, President and CEO of pureHope

“I have had quite a bit of experience working with counselors particularly in regard to pornography addiction.

Rob stands out as one of the very best (if not the best) as I found him to be truly caring, sensitive, understanding and full of wisdom – particularly Biblical wisdom.

Whenever a situation arises where someone is struggling with a pornography addiction, Rob is the one I usually turn to first.

I highly recommend Rob Jackson.”

 Bill Johnson, President, American Family Association of Michigan


“I have known Rob for several years and respect him as a Christian counselor. I have referred several clients to him and with confidence will do so again. He is a skilled professional with a lot to offer. I highly recommend him.” August 27, 2008

George Stahnke, President, Renewal Ministries of Colorado Springs


Dear Rob,

Thank-you for using your gifts and training and time to glorify God by edifying (building up) His people.

You have worked diligently and patiently in your life to get to the point where you can carry on spiritually penetrating ministry in Jesus’ Name. For this we give thanks as we were recipients of it last weekend.

Though I regret many other men missed your presentation, I am personally glad the Father called me to be there. I know the others feel the same way.

Grace and peace be multiplied to you…

Pastor Kevin P. Elseroad
Christ the Shepherd Lutheran Church
Alpharetta, GA


To Whom It May Concern:

Rob Jackson is, in my opinion as a colleague and friend, a spiritually gifted new talent on God’s horizon. He his a teacher with strong convictions, and a proponent of God’s Word, manifested through his disciplined Godly walk, work ethic, concern for his targeted client population, and his writings that we have been privileged to read.

I believe his Iceberg model has excellent potential for helping people come to terms with their addictions and grown in their recovery. I’m pleased to hear that it has already been helpful to many. I look forward to seeing Rob continue developing his fresh ideas into solid, workable, clinical theory and application, to the glory of God and the benefit of all of our clients.

Daniel E. Fry, Psy.D.
The Shepherd’s Clinic for Psychological Services
Gig Harbor, WA


Dear Mr. Jackson,

Thank you for your participation and your support of the Greater Grand Rapids Community Marriage Policy and the Pine Rest Family Institute by your assistance in the Marriage and Family Building Series. As you can see from the enclosed evaluation, your presentation was well received and was of great benefit to those that attended. My staff received many positive and appreciative comments about your presentation.


Mark C. Eastburg, Ph.D.
Executive Director
Pine Rest Family Institute
Grand Rapids, MI

General Comments from pastors attending a pastors conference on sex addiction presented at the Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services.

  • Thank you – this topic and this man’s expertise could use more time – and I’d be pleased to have a longer presentation.
  • Very well presented with material useable for beginning support system in my congregation.
  • Great presentation. This guy hit a home run.
  • Very glad to see the issue treated psychologically and spiritually without creating a false dichotomy between the two!
  • Excellent presentation – excellent practical advice.
  • Rob was very good.
  • Wonderfully impactful. Rob is courageous and God is using him to reveal truth about this important topic. Wonderful that he talked about the answer in Christ.
  • Insightful!
  • Great presenting the solution being spirit, soul, (and body).


Dear Rob,

I can’t thank you enough for spending an extremely valuable morning with us at the E-Free Church. Your material was terrific and from what I could see, every man was captivated with your presentation. Our associate pastor was very excited about the way you presented our fundamental need for intimacy with God before we can begin to address other critical issues. In fact, he has offered to lead/teach the small group study on temptations.

Personally, I found your “iceberg model” to be an excellent tool for dealing with many issues which are obstacles to God’s grace in my life. “Fixing” behaviors doesn’t do much good if you haven’t addressed the hidden causes.

Together in Christ,

David Reynolds
Coordinator, Men’s Ministry
The Evangelical Free Church
Canon City, CO