Parent Coaching

Today's world isn't easy for parents or their young adults. Family life becomes more complicated during adolescence and young adulthood. WIth stress at an all-time high, parent coaching could be just what you've been looking for.  

Best Parenting Practices

Complex issues made simpler with parent coaching.

New insights, skills, and confidence are just a click away. Working with Rob by telephone or over an encrypted Zoom video conference strengthens your approach to parenting. 

  • Coaching sessions in 30-minute blocks up to 4-hours. Experiment to find the amount of time and frequency of sessions that works for you. Or work with Rob on an as-needed basis.
  • Christian Spiritual Formation applied to parenting. Learn how to customize Rob’s nine-step  Iceberg Model of Christian Spiritual Formation™ to your situation and share your faith with your son or daughter in a relational way.
  • Whole Person Care. Connect the dots between spirit, mind, and body rather than settling for superficial behavioral strategies. Discover what drives unwanted behaviors. 
  • Handouts and homework. Increase your knowledge and wisdom with personalized recommendations.
  • Get help for a variety of issues. Parent coaching can help communication, anger, anxiety, spiritual formation, and sexuality - including exposure to pornography, addiction to pornography, same-sex attraction, and transgender concerns.  

Learn how to relax, relate, and respond to your child instead of reacting. The change starts with you.   


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