Brief Coaching Intensive

Christians aren't exempt from life's problems, and in many cases, we're harder on ourselves than others can imagine. Frustrated, ashamed, and frightened to ask for help, many remain in situations that could improve significantly with experienced Christian coaching.  


Recovery is a gospel benefit that cannot be separated from Christ. We recover in Christ, by the Spirit, one day at a time. Believing everyone needs recovery, whether or not addictions are present, Rob contextualizes recovery within Christian spiritual formation. 

Integrated Care

Comprehensive, whole person care for body, mind, and spirit is supported by careful integration of evangelical theology and psychology. Integration prevents over-spiritualizing, over-psychologizing, and becoming too focused on trying to manage unwanted behaviors. 

Experienced Help

With over 30 years experience, Rob offers intensives for a variety of concerns including personal growth, marriage, parenting, homeschooling dynamics, spiritual abuse, and sexuality - including abuse, infidelity, childhood/teenage porn exposure, and addiction.

Rob Jackson's Unique Approach

Featuring the Iceberg Model of Christian Coaching™

The Brief Coaching Intensive is a fast track to healing and a new life. Rather than attempting to resolve your concerns one hour at a time, week after week, why not dig in and get it done?

By working over three consecutive days, you’re going to accomplish the equivalent of four to five months of traditional therapy, and you won’t have all that starting, stopping, and waiting.

  • Sixteen hours of private therapy Friday through Sunday. You can share with Rob your most personal concerns without running out of time.
  • Four Hours of post intensive sessions by video conference. Work smart and pre-load your intensive with two hours of video conferencing with Rob. Once home, back fill your intensive with two hours of aftercare video sessions.
  • Christian Spiritual Formation applied to recovery. Learn how to customize Rob’s nine-step  Iceberg Model of Christian Spiritual Formation™, and see how recovery works from the inside out (from your heart to your behaviors, with God, and toward others).
  • Whole Person Care. Learn how to connect the dots between your spirit, mind, and body rather than settling for superficial behavioral strategies.
  • Interdependent Recovery for the Two of You. Rather than having two independent recoveries that may never connect, or co-dependent recoveries that remain flawed, learn how recovery as individuals contributes to a one-flesh, interdependent union.
  • Handouts and homework. Customize your recovery, and return home with a personalized plan that you can measure and sustain.
  • Aftercare. Join Rob weekly for a webinar and a live Q&A session and continue your recovery with an anonymous, online community of alumni. 


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